Study Guide

1. Spiritual authority can counteract the laws of the ________________________.


2. Jesus Christ has given authority to ________________________ according to their faith.


3. The authority of the believer is substantiated by the _____________________________.


4. The believer's authority is simply exercised through the _________________________ that are spoken in faith in Jesus' name based on the Word.


5. Our spirit-led, Word-based commands are backed by ________________________ itself (Matthew 16:19).


6. One can develop an environment for abundant living through a __________________ confession.


7. Adversities can be subdued through the utterance of a word spoken with ________________ faith or ________________ in God.


8. When the Word of God is taken into our spirit, the seed of the Word will ____________________________ faith to believe that the things we say will come to pass.


9. Through internalizing the Word of God, our faith becomes _________________________.


10. According to Matthew 10:1, the believer has the _____________ _______________ to heal all manner of sickness and disease.


11. Faith is developed through ________________ in the scriptures that pertain to an area in which you are needing _________________.


12. According to Mark 13:34, He gave ____________________ and a ____________ to every one of His servants.


13. ____________________________ hosts and the standing armies of heaven back faith-spoken words.


14. If we utilize the authority we have, it will _____________________________________.


15. We must base our authority on the work of the ___________________ and not ourselves.


16. If we do not exercise the ____________________________ we have, the Word of God says it shall be taken away.


17. If we do not base our authority on the work of the cross, we will find ourselves operating on our own strength from a ________________________________________ standpoint.