Study Guide

1. In view of the chaotic state of the world around us, it is therefore of prime importance that we learn to be led by the ______________________ of ________________________.


2. From __________ to __________ decisions, there are many people who are born again believers that are not implementing the teachings concerning God's guidance.


3 Some of the motives that are used by the devil to cause people to make wrong decisions are:

A) ________________________________

B) ________________________________

C) ________________________________

D) ________________________________

E) ________________________________

F) ________________________________

G) ________________________________


4. ___________________ is a realm used to inhibit people who are tying to overcome a bad self-image.


5. This is why ____________________________ in the light of God's word is imperative.


6. In the human ego, we gain an awareness of the ___________________ of our endeavors.


7. _______________________ darkens the heart and mind of man and clouds true wisdom.


8. Rebellion is as the sin of ___________________________________.


9. It is the sin for which ___________________ fell and has since brought much destruction to mankind (Isaiah 14:12).


10. The pleasures of this life should not be put before good judgment and the _________________________________ of the Holy Spirit.


11. We find that pleasures are one of the reasons why the seed of the Word of God is _________________________ ________________.


12. Pleasures can be a curse if __________________________________.


13. The works of the flesh are probably the most ______________________ element of distraction used to impair one's ability to be spirit led.


14. It is hard for the natural, logical mind to accept or even acknowledge the _____________________________.


15. ___________________________ logic is at odds with spiritual logic.


16. Natural and ________________________ laws of healing are both ___________ by God.


17. We can limit God's ability in our lives by falling into a particular set ___________________ even as Israel limited God (Psalm 78:41).


18. Do not ___________________________ pushy, outward, condemning or guilt-oriented outward voices.

19. Religious tradition and the scruples of man can impede spiritual __________________.


20. Paul said that our works will be tried with ______________________ (1 Corinthians 3:12-15).


21. In the Old Testament, God led his people predominately through __________________ and ____________________________.


22. In the New Testament covenant, God speaks ____________________________ to us.


23. God's leading is never a ____________________________ leading, but rather a guidance.


24. The intensity of God's witness in our life will vary with the degree of importance of a matter or with our ____________________________ of wanting to know.


25. With the information we receive through a time of ____________________ and ______________________ we will come to a conclusion as to what the will of God is.


26. God will guide us and sometimes there will be many ____________________ from which to choose.


27. God will leave many decisions to us in light of His ______________________________.


28. Jesus knew that God gave options as he prayed in this manner in the ________________ of ___________________________.


29. It is dangerous after knowing the will of God to continue asking him so as to __________________________________ Him to do it our way.


30. When we are filled with God's word, His leading is easily __________________________ within us.


31. Boasting of what we are going to do with our lives without consulting God's will is ________________________________ according to James 4:13-16.


32. The most important element of all in the leading of God is the inward _________________________.


33. The scriptural ways in which God will lead us are:









34. The Word of God will give one the ability to see the Will of God many times without ______________________________________ realizing it.


35. Without the inward ____________________________ of the Holy Spirit, you cannot be what would be termed a spirit-led believer.


36. The exercise of spiritual insights must be ___________________________ by our inward man whether we are exercising them or others.


37. If you have accepted the salvation plan of God through the shed blood of Christ, you are eligible to receive help from _____________________________ spirits.


38. Visions and dreams are a form of communication used by God to convey high _______________________________________ information to us.


39. ____________________________________ signs and wonders follow them that believe.


40. You will actually learn to out-__________________________ the tactics of the enemy when you are led by the Spirit of God