Study Guide

1. In Chapter 5 of the book of Galatians, we find that there are nine fruits of the spirit listed. They are:

1. ____________________________________.

2. ____________________________________.

3. ____________________________________.

4. ____________________________________.

5. ____________________________________.

6. ____________________________________.

7. ____________________________________.

8. ____________________________________.

9. ____________________________________.


2.  In verses 19 and 21, we see the works of the flesh listed. They are:

3.  In Galatians 5, the subject is the works of the human ________________________ versus the works of the human _____________________________.


4. The Greek word for spirit in verse 22 is ____________________________________.


5.  In Genesis 3:15, we find references being made to ______________________________.


6.  The seed of the serpent versus the seed of the ________________________________.


7.  The seed of the woman is to ______________________________ the serpent's head.


8. The seed in Genesis 3:15 is a reference to ____________________ who is the word made flesh.


9. In Mark, Chapter 4, Jesus said, The Word of God is the _________________________.


10. In 1 Peter 1:23, Peter says that we are born of _________________________ seed as opposed to __________________________ seed.


11. He that sows to the flesh shall of the flesh reap _____________________ but he that sows to the spirit shall of the spirit reap _____________________.


12. The way the seed is sown is through the conscious human _________________________.


13. This is why Paul said in Philippians 4:8 to dwell on __________________________ things.


14. When lust has conceived, it brings forth sin and sin when it is finished, brings forth _____________________________.


15. If you were gardening, you would want to pull up all of the ________________________ so your plants could grow freely.


16. Bitter dislike, abhorrence, malice or ill-will against anyone is a description of the work of the flesh ________________________.


17.  To feel pain, ill-will and jealousy at the good will or blessing of another is the work of the flesh ____________________________.


18. It is important to realize that the work of the Holy Spirit is done ___________________ rather than _________________________ or religiously.


19. The tendency of the new believer, when endeavoring to be like Christ, will be to ____________________________ the seed of the serpent.


20. When Jesus said to repent, the Greek word used for repent was

______________________ which means to think differently.


21. The Greek word for self-sacrificial love is_______________________.


22. The fruit of the spirit ____________________ cultivates a balanced walk.