Study Guide

1.  Without the consistent practice of the principles of giving, one will only reach a _____________ level of abundance.


2.  God will give us more ____________ when we learn to be a good ____________ of seed.


3.  The word tithe comes from the Hebrew word _______________________________ meaning a tenth part.


4.  Under the New Testament tithe, there are no ______________ or _____________ but we will miss out on the rewards if we don't give.


5.  Curses we do not receive because we are not under a curse (Galatians 3:13-14) but _____________ we have a right to claim.


6.  Tithing was practiced ______________ years before the law was given by Abraham.


7.  Jesus is a priest after the order of _________________________ unto whom Abraham gave a tenth.


8. In Malachi, Chapter 3, we learn that the main purpose for tithing is that there might be _____________ in God's house.


9. When the members of a local church learn the concept of tithing and practice it, there will always be an ______________ supply.


10. As a reward and promise for tithing, God says to prove Him and He will pour out a blessing that is ______________ as a result.


11. Many people have tithed and have not seen the benefits of tithing as a result of their own ______________ and ______________.


12. If the principles of tithing are true, then it would be safe to say that one cannot _________________ God.


13. Looking beyond the sowing to the reaping of the seed sown will help motivate your giving, but all of your giving should be ______________________ by love.


14. An offering is something we give _____________ the tithe.


15. Giving beyond the tithe is something we might consider ____________ giving according to Luke 17:10.


16. If a farmer sows his seed faithfully and tends it, he will reap a ____________ off his seed sown.


17. A major key in giving is to understand that there is a time of ____________________.


18. Looking beyond the sowing of seed to the reaping of it will help us to be ______________ in giving.


19. Planting monetary gifts should be done with an attitude of praise and



20. Another key in ensuring the fact that we will reap from our seed is giving _____________.