Study Guide

1. The tri-unity of God is not a _______________________________ but can be made very clear through the study of the scriptures.


2. The Hebrew word for one is __________________ and it connotates a collective oneness.


3. In Genesis 1:26, we see a ______________________ in the Godhead, yet a unity of God.


4. When Jesus said, The two shall become one, a ________________ oneness was implied.


5. In Mark 1:10-11, we see a distinction between the ____________ _____________ and _____________.


6. In 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, we can see a ______________________ of ministries that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have.


7. We see in these verses the gifts of the ____________________ the administrations of the ___________________ and the operations of the _______________________________.


8. The Father is good and sends _____________________ and ____________________ gifts to us when we pray.


9. The mentality of the world has been that God sends ____________________ upon mankind.


10. Jesus Christ is deity and thought it not robbery to make himself ______________ with God.


11. Jesus knows what it's like to be in this earthly _____________________________.


12. Through the person of the Holy Spirit, he ___________________________________ us.


13. Through the manifestation of Christ, the works of the devil are __________________.


14 The supernatural comfort of the Holy Spirit is ________________________ and cannot be ________________________ by any natural source.


15. Through the Holy Spirit, we receive __________________________ about where we should go, what we should do and how to interpret God's Word.


16. There are three separate persons in divine __________ and divine _______________.


17. The Hebrew word Elohiym is a uni-plural __________________________________.


18. If the Father and Son were _________________________ one, how could the Father know things that Jesus Christ didn't know (Mark 13:32)?


19. What are the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit?