Study Guide

1. Man is made up of three parts: _________________________ ________________ and _____________.


2. The Greek words for spirit, soul and body are ____________________ _____________________ and _____________________.


3. _______________________________________ means the putting together of all intellect.


4. The Apostle Paul referred to the spirit, soul and body in two specific instances: __________________ and _______________________ (fill in the scripture references).


5. God desires to heal and prosper the ______________________________________ man.


6. The Greek word kardia is a figurative word referring to the ______________________ part of man and usually places emphasis on the _____________________________ part of man.


7. The Word of God is able to ______________________ asunder the spirit, soul and body and discern the __________________________ and intents of the heart.


8. God formed our body out of the __________________________ of the earth (Genesis 2:7).


9. The body itself is blessed by God and is not evil, however, without the control of the Holy Spirit, it becomes ____________________________________.


10. It is important to realize the body and soul are to be in _____________________ to the spirit.


11. According to 1 Corinthians 15:53, our mortal body will receive _________________________.


12. The ______________________ is the battleground between flesh and spirit and is the seat of human _____________________________ and conscious mind.


13. The spirit is that part of man that knows, sees and discerns things that cannot be ________________________ with the natural mind, as opposed to the carnal mind which is at _________________________________ with God (Romans 8:7).


14. It is ultimately the mind of the spirit that one must learn to be _____________________ by.


15. The engrafted Word and Holy Spirit together will build _______________________ in the human spirit.


16. The strength of the human spirit must be built to a level where it can ____________________ the whole man.


17. In 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, it is obvious that the mind is the ______________________ ground.


18. Decisions are based on the influence of three dimensions: Sarkikos, Psuchikos and _________________________.


19. According to Romans 6:6, the power of the old man has been broken and is no longer the _______________________________ factor in our lives.


20. Through certain gates, our being receives an influx of information. They are: _____________ _________________ __________________ __________________ and ________________.


21. Through the ears, we may hear sounds that stimulate or things that can __________________ if we allow them to.


22. From the soul, the emotions may try to __________________________________________ in one's life.


23. The born again believer, who is __________________________ is not fed will be typically soulish or fleshly.


24. According to Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God will _____________________ and ___________________________ asunder spirit, soul and body.


25. In the proper given context, the needs and desires of the body may be __________________________________________.


26. Walking in the soulish realm produces a religious __________________________________________ mentality.