1.  Click here to open and begin the Life in Christ Classroom.    The courses in our program have been written in a strategic order and should be taken in that order starting with Regeneration.

Most of the classroom navigation will be located at the top portion of each classroom web page.


2.  The video instruction and text are shown side by side on their respective web pages.  Video segments are available on the left with high and low bit rate segment options above.  Scroll the text portion on the right hand side of the web page as the orator reads from the text book of each course.

Text Language Translation
If you need to have the text translated in a different language click the link at the top of each text classroom to open with text translator.  Note: you may need to refresh page several times for text translator to complete full page translation.

Upon completion of the text and video you can print and fill out the Study Guide for each classroom. Also, Question and Answers are provided for added reinforcement of what you learned

4.  Each classroom has its own Personalized Bible Affirmations that allow you to fill out and print with your own name in them so you can post them in a place for personal affirmative reinforcement of what you are learning.
Affirmation Library click here

.  The Life in Christ music is also available as well as a tool to use to reinforce learning.  MP3s are available for you to download and listen.  Click the 'Music' link.

6. How to continue to the next course.

Click 'Continue to Next Course'
You are required to complete a simple online Course Assessment.  When you click 'Continue to Next Course'  you will taken to our online Course Assessment

Fill in your name and answer each question pertaining to that course. 
Submit your information and you will be taken directly to the next course.


7.  Upon completion of all 12 courses you must print out and complete the Final Exam and mail it to the address provided or send it as an attachment in an email to our Main Office.  Following the final course Assessment you will be taken to the online Final Exam facility to choose and print the exam.


Available at our Print Facility, you may choose to print each course and follow along from a printed version you have placed in a three ring binder.  The web page option for printing also comes with a version with a text language translator if you wish to print in a different language. 

Each of our classes are available in several print formats.  The Life in Christ course cover is also available for printing.

=  Text on a Web Page
 = Word Document
= Adobe Acrobat Document

*Print Facility:  click here


The first video classroom segment will begin automatically in Adobe Flash format.  You have the option to choose medium or low bit rate depending on the Internet connectivity you are using.  You can view clearer video with a better Internet connection.  Flash video requires the Adobe plug-in, instructions below.

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing our  video classroom (pulsing, flickering or intermittent video or audio), we suggest you do the following:

Supported Browsers

Please note that the video classroom  supports the following browsers only:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 6 or higher; Firefox 3 or higher
  • Macintosh: Safari 3 or higher; Firefox 3 or higher

If you are using an older version of one of these browsers, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest fully supported version.

Flash for Windows and Macintosh

Be sure you have the most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin.


Each video contains narration of the course text that you can scroll in this window.   Expository comments by the instructor are not contained in the text, but are available only in the classroom video and/or audio presentation. 

Simply proceed by starting the video and scrolling the text book outline in this window whenever the narrator begins to read.  Study Guides and Question and Answer Sections are available separately in this same window when you click on the link that pertains to them underneath the video. 

Study Guides can and should be printed, they follow the text book outline and are designed to increase topic absorption.  Although they do not have to be turned in, you are strongly encouraged to fill in the blanks as you follow the text book outline in this window.  This will make your learning journey more interactive and enjoyable.  The Questions and Answer Sections are part of the Text Book outline and is to be read when the Text Book outline is finished for a refresher.


Send it in one of the following ways:

  1. Email it to us as an attachment at transcripts@thesurefoundation.org.

  2. Print it and mail it in with your exam to:  

The Sure Foundation Theological Institute
Trail Blazer Associate Final Exam
Suite 308, 13799 Park Boulevard North
Seminole, FL  33776