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Procedures and requirements
All courses are sequenced from the first to the last course, they are layered and interlocked according to knowledge.  You must begin with the first class, Regeneration.  When you complete the first class you will be given a brief assessment and permission to proceed to the next class. Be sure to bookmark each classroom so you will be able to pick up where you left off. You are also required to post a brief comment or remark on each course in the message room, in addition to your summary on what you learned in the assessment section pertaining to what you have learned.

Note: Not following the aforementioned procedures will negatively effect your grade.


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Overview Instructional

1.  RegenerationClick here to open and begin the Life in Christ Classroom.    The courses in our program have been written in a strategic order and should be taken in that order starting with Regeneration.
Most of the classroom navigation will be located at the top portion of each classroom web page.

ImportantBe sure to bookmark or add each classroom to your favorites.  This will enable you to easily navigate back to where you left off, or you can use the 'Quick Launch' table at the top of this page.

2.  The video instruction and  E-Book
text are shown side by side on their respective web pages.  Video segments are available on the left with high and low bit rate segment options above.  Scroll the text portion on the right hand side of the web page as the orator reads from the text book of each course.

Text Language Translation
*If you need to have the text translated in a different language click the link at the top of each text classroom to open with text translator.  Note: you may need to refresh page several times for text translator to complete full page translation

3.  Upon completion of the text and video you can print and fill out the Study Guide for each classroom. Also, Question and Answers are provided for added reinforcement of what you learned.

4.  Each classroom has its own Personalized Bible Affirmations that allow you to fill out and print with your own name in them so you can post them in a place for personal affirmative reinforcement of what you are learning.
Affirmation Library click here

5.  The Life in Christ music is also available as well as a tool to use to reinforce learning.  MP3s are available for you to download and listen. 
Life In Christ Music click here

6. At the end of each course  we require each student to complete a Course Assessment.  Fill in your name and answer each question pertaining to that course.  Submit your information and you will be taken to the next course.

7.  Upon completion of all 12 courses you must print out and complete the Final Exam and email or standard mail it to the address provided.  Following the final course Assessment you will be taken to the online Final Exam facility to choose and print the exam.

Available at our Print Facility, you may choose to print each course and follow along from a printed version you have placed in a three ring binder.  The web page option for printing also comes with a version with a text language translator if you wish to print in a different language. 

Each of our classes are available in several print formats.  The Life in Christ course cover is also available for printing.

=  Text on a Web Page
 = Word Document
= Adobe Acrobat Document

*Print Facility:  click here

The first video classroom segment will begin automatically in Adobe Flash format.  You have the option to choose medium or low bit rate depending on the Internet connectivity you are using.  You can view clearer video with a better Internet connection.  Flash video requires the Adobe plug-in, instructions below.

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing our  video classroom (pulsing, flickering or intermittent video or audio), we suggest you do the following:

Supported Browsers

Please note that the video classroom  supports the following browsers only:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 6 or higher; Firefox 3 or higher
  • Macintosh: Safari 3 or higher; Firefox 3 or higher

If you are using an older version of one of these browsers, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest fully supported version.

Flash for Windows and Macintosh

Be sure you have the most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin.

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V I S I O N   F O R   T H E  F U T U R E
S e e k i n g   G o d  i s   t h e   P R I O R I T Y


Associate Degree in Theology Curriculum Overview

 Credits 4

Prayer Precepts
Credits 8
Praise and Worship Dynamics
Credits 4
This course is a must for the new and vintage believer alike. It will give you a fresh view of the basics and fortify your doctrinal roots in the new creation life.
Prayer Precepts
Take a journey through the many forms of prayer found in the scriptures. Your prayer life will come alive as you progress through this lively course.
Praise & Worship
Learn the six valuable inspired Hebrew words for praise, their meanings and how to employ them. Your worship life will be enhanced and strengthened.

Fruit of the Spirit
6 Credits

Triune Man
Credits 4
Oneness of God
Credits 4
Fruit of the Spirit
Everyone would like to have a fruitful life.  However, it takes knowledge.  This text will give you the knowledge you need to be fruitful in every realm of life.
Triune Man
Explore and understand the biblical makeup of man.  Learn vital information about the spirit, soul, body and mind. Gain self awareness in Christ.
Oneness of God
Learn the mystery of the Godhead.  You will obtain a clearer union with God.  Learn the office and operations of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the body of Christ.

Divine Guidance
 Credits 8

 Authority of the Believer
 Credits 4

Credit 6
Divine Guidance
Learn guidance that has been known only to true apostles and prophets. Escape the mouse in-a-maze mentality and be amazed and God's plan for you.
The authority we have has been given to us by Jesus Christ.  Learn the when and how to use it. Your faith will be galvanized through this expose.
Is there a hundredfold return?  A new testament tithe?  The laws of seed-time and harvest are explored through this in-depth biblical study.

Health and Wealth
Credits 4

101 I Am's
Credits 4
The Four Phases of the Work of Christ
Credits 8
Health & Wealth
Hit the mark of God's provision for your life. Understand His will concerning health and wealth.  Learn the answers to age old questions.
101 I Am's
Become the you God says you are by internalizing what he says about you.  Put on the mind of Christ through this in-depth labor of entering rest in Christ.
Four Phases 
Essential to every believer in Christ.  The secret of the keys of the kingdom shall be unveiled by the Holy Spirit.  Learn how to apply life governing principle.

Final Exam and Thesis Quality Points: 8


Our primary vision as a school is to teach, train, and empower.
To motivate the believer in Christ, to fulfill their calling
to become effective  and confident in fulfilling the '
great commission
given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ,  
"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

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